Timber windows opening types




Windows allow natural light to enter with providing an ample amount of ventilation. The design and pattern of a window style also add an enhancement to your room. Based on sizes, opening options, and styles, classic windows are categorized into different types. Here we have shared a list of top window openings and their different features.

Sash windows

The sash or hung sash windows are generally made of several movable panels that consist of individual glass sheets. These are common window openings that are perfect for traditional home design. Screens of sash windows are very unobtrusive and less expensive than casement windows. However, over time sash window openings are subject to regular wear & tear & they may minimize the security level of windows. Apart from that, sash windows are easy to install and they require very low maintenance.

Awning windows

Awning windows are the perfect options for a rainy climate mainly operated by the crank. These window openings can be combined with large windows & they can be placed along the top, sides, or bottom portion of the picture window for providing good ventilation. Apart from that, awning windows are also found above the doors. However,  awning window openings can not be recommended near walkways. As compared to other window openings, awning windows provide a high level of privacy to the rooms.

Casement windows

If you are in search of window openings that provide good ventilation, the casement windows can be the best option to choose. They are also movable window openings that are generally made of timber or metal. Casement window openings are commonly found in such areas where maximum ventilation is required, such as a bathroom or a kitchen. Apart from that, these windows are quite easy to open & close. Operating the lever and turning the crank is simple than pushing the sash up & down.

Single and double-hung windows

Single-hung and double-hung both are traditional window openings that offer good ventilation. The major difference between these window openings is that a single hung comes with a fixed upper sash and a movable lower sash, while other one comes with 2 movable sashes. The upper sash of double-hung windows generally slides down. Both window openings add an extra layer of beauty and the simple and authentic design of these windows add value to your rooms.

Picture windows

The picture window is the perfect choice for those places where airflow is not mandatory. Picture windows can’t be opened. They are extremely ideal for modern rooms. The main advantage of installing picture windows is that they give broad views & ample amount of sunlight. Moreover, these windows are highly durable, energy-efficient, and custom-made. As compared to other windows, picture windows are least prone to leakage. It can be the perfect window solution to bring a fantastic outdoor view into the room.

Jalousie windows

Jalousie windows are the cost-effective and perfect solutions for warm-weather areas, specifically where the air conditioning isn’t required. These windows mainly contain glass slats and multiple horizontal panels. Jalousie windows are also known as louvered windows generally made of metal, glass, wood, or plastic materials. They can be the perfect choice for sunrooms or porches and or in areas with mild winters. The simple and sleek design of Jalousie windows is really very attractive. However, they can be less secure as compared to standard windows.

Slider windows

Slider windows are traditional window openings that mainly slide horizontally. Like casement window openings, slider windows always provide a crystal clear view with an ample amount of ventilation. However, these window openings can not be closed tightly. They are generally found in low-grade rooms. Slider windows are easy to install as they don’t have any mechanical parts. Slider windows are also very less expensive as compared to other windows. Apart from that, they also require very low maintenance.

Skylight windows

Skylight windows are also known as rooftop windows that are mostly found in contemporary rooms. They add value and give an ample amount of light to your spaces. They also provide a clear view of the sky. Apart from that, the skylight windows may open to allow fresh air inside. This means they help with good ventilation in stuffy areas, and they cool down the living rooms without turning on any air conditioner. Apart from that, skylight windows are quite easy to install and require very low maintenance.

Bay windows

Last but not the least, bay window openings can be the perfect resource for the professionals to make angles as well as projections on the building structure. They also allow light to enter at multiple angles and also provide proper ventilation. Bay windows are widely found in the family rooms and kitchens.

When it comes to selecting the best window openings, there is a ton to think about. Sometimes, it can be tricky. Experts always suggest you choose the perfect window style depending on your budget, size of the room, and personal style.


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