10 Tips for Choosing the Right Exterior Window Style

There’s nothing better than sitting inside the home with a cup of tea and getting mesmerized by the exterior views with warm sunlight penetrating the interior spaces of the house. Windows are the best way to connect with the exteriors while relaxing in the interior of the house. 

With so many styles of windows available in the market, selecting the right one can prove to be overwhelming and stressful. Windows are the design features that can enhance the look of the house and these are the most functional units as well.

The procedure of choosing the right style of windows for a home requires the same level of concentration that goes into selecting an outfit from the wardrobe. As you go through the options of the designs, you need to consider the color, size, and frame of the windows that fit in the architectural language of the house.

Pick the Best with these 10 Tips

Windows give you access to the outdoors and at the same time are important seeing from the safety point of view. Selecting the most appropriate exterior window style can prove to be tricky and it demands effort and thoughts from the homeowners.

Here are ten tips on how to choose the best window style for your place.

1. Choose a Window Style that Reflects the Architectural Language

Each home is a product of an architectural design that makes it stand out from the rest. Opting for windows that fit with the design language is the first consideration while buying a window.

Whether you have a traditional house or a contemporary one, stick to the architectural language to guide you through the process of selecting the best window style.

2. Identifying the Purpose of the Window

The main function of windows is to let in natural light, air, and form a connection with the outer world. A window can be operable to access spaces or fixed as an ornamental feature for beautification.

Considering the spaces and priorities of light or view in that area, the decision for the suitable style of window can be taken.

3. Jazz it up with Coloured Frames and Mullions

Based on the architecture and style of the house, you can go for mullions and frames that offer a pop of color to your home’s facade. Whether you go for wooden or metallic frames, a tint of color can be added to give a better finish to the exterior of the house.

4. Select Best Hues for Frames

The selection of the exterior paint color for the house is a tough decision to make. Based on the locality and trending palettes, this decision can be made.

For enhanced exterior aesthetics, the trim and window frames for the house can be painted in an accent color. These two can have separate shades that complement the overall composition and enhance the aesthetics of the exterior.

5. Styles Based on the Amount of Air Exchange

One of the major functions of windows is to let in natural air and allow an air exchange in the rooms. Different window styles offer a range of fixed or operable windows. Based on the demands in different spaces, a combination of both sets can be adopted in the design.

6. Choose a Window that goes with Interiors

While the facade of the house is important, it’s also vital to consider how the window will appear in interiors.

Go for the windows offering an abundance of natural light and good views to gaze at. Based on the interior location, the size, opacity, and shape of the window can be judged.

7. Determine its Orientation

Considering the orientation of the sun path based on the location of the site is very important while choosing the window. A proper assessment of the orientation can aid in opting for windows that will offer energy efficiency.

The thoughtful planning of the window style and placement can keep the home hot or cool as per the seasons and minimize utility bills.

8. Choose a Unique Application

With the different operations of each window style, the one that serves the requirements must be opted. The choice must be based on considering different operable windows that serve unique aesthetics and functionality.

9. Keep Window as a Focal Point

Windows allow you to gaze into the picturesque formed by natural elements. With a unique style, color, shape, and window details, these can act as the main attention-seeking features on the exteriors.

The interest can be enhanced by opting for windows with unique mullions and frame details.

10. Remodeling of the House counts to replacement of windows

If you’re planning for a renovation, don’t miss out on the replacement of windows. With newer styles and upgraded features of the latest window designs, these offer greater energy efficiency and cut down the energy and money costs.

Unique Look with Every Style

Every window style can offer a different look to the exterior of the house. While a few styles may complement the architecture, the others might ruin it. The selection must be derived through a set of requirements, the existing design language, and the required functionality.


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