Top-Hung Steel Windows

Operated with a handle at the bottom and attached to top frame with hinges or friction stays, top-hung steel windows can be placed higher in walls to provide natural light and ventilation without compromising privacy. 

Offering saved space inside, maximum daylight, enough ventilation, and easy operation in one window, top-hung steel windows are suitable for any type of residential or commerical building. 

Application areas

  • Many people prefer top guided windows for their bathrooms. Your bathroom windows can be produced with obscure glass, which prevents people from looking through the window.
  • Due to the having limited opening, that top hung windows are may not perform well as for emergency escape.
  • Top hung window is hinged at the top which is perfect for wet climates as it blocks out rain.

Compliance with Building Regulations 

  • Thermal performance (U-value) (Compliance with Part L) 
  • PAS 24 compliance for ground floor windows (Compliance with Part Q)
  • Trickle vent requirement (Compliance with Part F)

Our range of top-hung aluminium windows

We offer a variety of top-hung steel windows that are designed to fit your project aesthetic and technical requirements. Each of them has different specifications. Select from one of the ranges below to view details about our sliding door systems: