Toughened laminated glass


Laminated glass is usually made from multiple layers of non-touhened glass. In some application it can be need that the laminated glass layers to be toughened. If the laminated glass is made from toughened glass, it is called toughened laminated glass. 

Laminated glass consists of two pieces of glass held together by an extremely tough PVB plastic interlayer. Whilst toughened glass is processed in order to create a product that is extremely durable and resistant to heat. When combined, these two materials create an extremely sturdy solution which has fast become a popular choice due to its seamless finish and fantastic durability.

Toughened laminated glass combines the two processes to produce a safety glass with all of the properties of both:

  • good rigidity & flexibility
  • high impact breakage resistance
  • excellent acoustic soundproofing
  • safe breakage
  • retains structural integrity if broken

Toughened glass is more rigid, stronger and has greater resistance against breakage 

laminated glass is more flexible and better for safety, soundproofing and security.

Typically, laminated glass is slightly more expensive - both laminated and toughened glass have excellent optical clarity.

Toughened laminated glass is mostly used for situations where there is a danger of:

  • falling onto, or through from height, if the glass breaks
  • broken glass falling from height onto people below

Toughened laminated glass is available to different specifications for various uses such as: 

  • frameless balustrading,
  • Walk on glass flooring,
  • Glass stair treads
  • balcony glass
  • Juliet balconies
  • overhead glazing & roofing
  • skylights