Steel Framed Windows: Traditional and Modern Styles




Windows are not just additions to empty walls in your home, that bring in light and ventilation. They also reflect your style and personality and need to resonate with the interior of your home to make it complete. Steel windows are versatile and they offer a design flexibility that no other material does. They can display a ‘raw’ aesthetic or be a ‘refined’ beauty in your home. Post industrial revolution, steel windows were chosen over wooden windows for their strength and sturdy construction. And they have since remained a favourite among homeowners for the numerous benefits they offer.

With innovative technologies, today steel can be engineered for performance and crafted for elegance. They can be custom-made to fit your decor. They can be traditional or modern, urban or rustic, or trandy or old-fashioned. With steel the possibilities are endless. You can choose a window that blends in with the interior or stands-out from the decor. Steel windows are good for every home style. They are simply stunning and can be bespoken to your taste.

Traditional window styles

Traditional styles usually appeal to people of all ages. They are rarely dull and basic. Besides just being a solution for lighting and ventilation, traditional windows can just be an ornamental addition to your homes. There are few window types that are a popular choice among designers and homeowners, especially for a traditional home style.

  • Casement Windows: Casement windows are a classic and even today they remain one of the most popular window choices among the different house styles. But they make an exceptionally good addition to traditional home styles. They are hinged on the side and swing open outwards, single or in a pair within a common frame. They add warmth and beauty to the decor and welcome a generous amount of natural light and air.
  • Side Hung Windows: Their timeless look makes single and double sash windows an extremely popular choice. They are a great fit for any traditional setting. A single hung window has to sashes. The upper one is fixed and cant be opened. And the lower one slides up to open. Double-hung windows consist of two sashes mounted inside a single frame. To open the window, you can either slide the top sash down or the bottom sash up.
  • Bay And Bow Windows: Bay and bow windows are associated with the architecture of Early English Renaissance and make for a perfect decoration in traditional house styles. They are curved and protrude outwards from the house. While a bay window has three faces or openings, a bow window has four or five. They are large, bring in plenty of natural light and act as the focal point of the room.

Modern window styles

Minimal and practical. This basically sums up the look of modern or contemporary windows. People want their windows to elevate the beauty of the room with its simplicity and sophistication. Windows with more glass, fewer transoms and mullions for clearer, unobstructed views are becoming a popular requirement for homeowners looking for a modern appeal.

  • Turn and Tilt Windows: Steel tilt and turn windows are double action windows. They can either turn open fully or tilt open for ventilation. Steel framed turn and tilt windows are known for their performance and their sleek structure. Their dual functionality makes them a popular choice among modern homes.
  • Corner Windows: Corner windows have two or more sashes in a single unit, that span along the perpendicular walls, and meet at a corner. Steel corner windows are trendy but do not operate. With narrow sightlines and large panes of glasses offering panoramic views, they are simply luxurious and totally contemporary.
  • Sliding Windows: Keeping with the urban and modern tone, steel sliding windows are the definition of stunning and simplicity. With sleek frames, large expanses of glasses and minimalist hardware, they deliver functionality in a modern form.

For traditional look 

You can make any window blend with your traditional decor, with bright, neutral colours. You can also match your windows to its traditional ambience by choosing warm colors like yellows, oranges, and browns. You can even choose an antique look and opt bronze burnishing, or opt for a wood grain finish.

For modern look 

For the modern decor give your windows a sophisticated and minimal look with simple black frames, or just steel in its natural form. You can even choose pastels or go for cooler tones like greens, blues, purples, and grays. You can decide to make your windows distinct with a high gloss finish or choose for a more subtle matte finish.

Traditional or contemporary, there are plenty of design opportunities to venture from with steel frames. Steel windows are exceptional in style and performance, no matter what window type and what setting you choose.


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