Understanding terms and conditions for a glazing project installation


terms and conditions related to installation of windows and doors: 

  • Installer: Company and / or individual carrying out the works of fitting the window / door.
  • Survey: Making assessment the side conditions, taking measurments of apertures and provide the correct dimensions for manufacture.  
  • manifacturing sizes: The overall dimensions for the door / window which result from making the approprite deductions from the structural opening size. Also known as Work Size.
  • Structural openings: Aperture in a wall into which a window or doorset is to be installed. 
  • Structural opening sizes: Sizes of the maximum rectangular shape which can be fitted within the structural opening.
  • Offloading: Unloading the goods from the truck to be delivered to your jobsite. (unload processes
  • Distribution of goods: moving the prodcuts to near the apertures verically or horizontally. 
  • Horizontal distribution: 
  • Vertical distribution: vertical movement of materials, or lifting of goods from the ground level to the installation place
  • Site conditions: 
  • Vehicles: 
    • mobile fork truck: 
  • Shop drawings: 
  • Access & handling equipment
  • Lintel: Beam which supports loads over a structural opening. Can be made of steel, reinforced concrete, timber etc or steel mesh fixed between brick courses. 
  • replacement frame:  the new frame that will be replaced with existing frame in replacemeent projects
  • Sealant: A compressible material used to seal around the perimeter of a window / door in the structural opening to prevent air and water penetration, commonly made of silicone, butyl tape, or polysulfide.
  • silicone sealant: Insulation material applied the perimeter of windows and doors
  • External cill: 
  • DPM (Damp Proof Membrane): A layer or strip of impermeable material, placed within a wall, chimney or similar constructons to prevent the passage of moisture
  • Finishing: Final covering and treatment of surfaces. E.g: Plaster, Render, Cladding etc
  • Fixing: Component that is used to secure separate parts of the window or doorset to each other, to secure an item of hardware to a window or door part or to secure the completed window or doorset into the structural opening.
  • Frame: Surround to a door leaf, window sash etc enabling it to be fixed into position, also referred to as an Outerframe