What to Consider When Buying a Steel Front Door?

Gone are the days when people used to think of steel doors as bulky and basic. However, with innovative engineering and craftsmanship they are not only strong and sturdy, but also stylish and sophisticated. Steel entry doors are quickly becoming a favorite among the home owners, thanks to the many benefits it offers. Selecting an entrance door for your home depends on a series of decisions based on your needs and requirements.

A door is a combination of components, when they are individually made of high quality, they can deliver unmatched functionality. Door frame, panels and hardware together make up a complete system, and are designed specifically to meet certain objectives. Although the cost might vary according to the customization and accessories, the prices are fairly competitive and offer a significant long-term value. Steel entry doors make a safe and stable entrance.

Advantages of steel front doors

Steel entry doors have numerous advantages compared to doors of other materials. Also, they are versatile, modern, reliable and resistant to all kinds of exposure and they also make sense ecologically. The possibilities are endless with steel front doors. Every size, layout and colour is achievable. No matter what the decor, classic or contemporary, trendy or traditional, steel doors are a great addition to your homes.

Frame and panel design 

There are no limitations in the design options that steel entry doors have to offer. Frames and panels can be chosen based on the decor and the exterior. You can choose a single door or double door, hinged or pivot and personalize it to your preference. Besides steel leaves and glass leaves, wooden door leaves are also available.
You can opt for the sober and classic style with two or more panels or combine it with glass panels. Choose from a selection of plain, etched or decorative glass with matching sidelights or storeylights; insulated and glazed for security.

The doors can be designed to be in compliance with the norms of the residing country and in accordance with the architectural structure of your home. It is manufactured in such a way that assembly and installation is quick and hassle-free.

Threshold options for steel front doors

Thresholds act as barriers that prevent external elements from entering. They sweep against the floor to keep air and other elements from travelling inside your home, by acting as a seal that fills the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor. You can also use weatherstripping to prevent the transfer of heat and cold through the gaps. They can also prevent flooding.

Security for steel front doors

Steel entrances are known for their structural resistance. They are impact resistant. They are strong and can handle weights of the heavier, toughened and insulated glasses and high performance hardware like hinges and handles. A state-of-the-art multipoint locking system ensures complete security and protection.

Thermal performance of steel front doors

Steel doors are energy efficient as they have excellent thermal insulation properties. Although they are good conductors they have been thermally broken. This creates a barrier between the interior and the exterior sides of the frame. Therefore, heat and cold cannot travel through, keeping your home warm in winter and cold during summer.
Steel front doors are designed to be weather sealed to easily withstand even the most changeable weather conditions and they provide energy efficiency to the home which helps to reduce utility bills.

Acoustic performance of steel front doors

Steel front doors not only operate quietly but they also reduce the transfer of noise into your home. Even in the noisiest of neighbourhoods and surroundings, steel doors do an impressive job of blocking noise for your comfort.

Durability of steel front doors 

Steel is synonymous with strength. Unlike wood, steel entry doors are impervious to rotting, swelling cracking and warping. When made with the highest quality materials and with proven procedures, steel entry doors can be tamper-proof, long-lasting and have high endurance against fire and moisture. Another benefit is that they require low maintenance and it doesn’t take much effort to keep it clean and in excellent condition. They are resistant to high temperatures and extreme weather conditions and are designed to outlast their counterparts.

Colour options for steel front doors

With technologies like anodizing and powder coating, there are a wide selection of colours and finishes to choose from.Now you can even choose dual colours to combine or contrast or select different colours for the interior and exterior off the door. Choose from a range of colors and combinations and textures to resonate your style and make your home stand out.

Doors create the first impression of your homes and with steel entry doors, a lasting impression is guaranteed. With steel doors home owners get a favourable combination of qualities like durability, strength, aesthetics, security and functionality. They are a practical solution for your homes.
With steel entrance doors you are sure to make a bold, architectural statement.


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