What do you need to know before buying a steel window?

Timeless elegance is an offering from the steel-framed windows to your building. While steel windows are making a comeback in modern construction, they will never completely go out of style. A steel-framed window has a thin steel frame, and it is also offered with a full thermal break for better thermal insulation. Steel windows are the ideal option for creating a design that marks a statement on a historical structure or creating a magnificent modern industrial design.

Frame design 

The narrow vertical and lateral steel glazing bars give the building a refined look that pays homage to classic industrial glazing. Although these window systems have a vintage appearance, they outperform contemporary performance requirements. Narrow sight lines are one of the most common characteristics connected with steel windows. Over the years, their thin designs have been integrated into all sorts of structures with an elegance that is rarely equalled by large aluminium, timber, or PVC profiles. Steel windows have a minimalist appearance due to the material’s high strength-to-volume ratio that adds to the aesthetic beauty of the structure.

Choosing the right opening style

Steel-framed windows come in a variety of styles, from an industrial look with a floor-to-ceiling assemblage of glass to a modern minimalist design with big panes of glass framed by pencil-thin stainless steel frames like utilized in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Waters.

Casement, horizontal pivoting, vertical pivoting, folding, in-swing, out-swing, awning, and hopper windows are among the many operable options offered. One may choose the right style as per the needs, demands, and design language of the structure.

Glazing Options for steel windows

Steel windows come in a variety of glazing options ranging from single-glazed to triple-glazed windows. One can opt for the appropriate glazing options considering the requirements. There are certain glazing compounds available for factory-finished steel windows.

Thermal performance of steel windows

A thermally broken steel window seems to be the only window better than a steel window. The problem of heat conductivity arises whenever a metallic frame is used for a window. Thermally broken panes are a stylish and contemporary solution to the problem of heat transfer. Between the inner and external frames, a thermal barrier, also known as a thermal break, is placed. The thermal barrier eliminates hot or cold energy that comes into touch with the metal on the exterior. Steel frame windows, like any other window, can have their glass UV-coated to shield inside furnishings and decor from the sun.

Safety and security for steel windows

For many building purposes, steel is the safest option. Steel is the preferred material for buildings that must endure natural disasters such as earthquakes and storms. Steel windows may be constructed to satisfy the most demanding blast and impact resistance standards.

Steel’s sturdiness makes it ideal for use in detention facilities and other structures where control and window strength are paramount.

Applying glazing bars in steel windows

The incorporation of glazing bars into the glass face is a major design characteristic of many steel-framed windows. These profile components crisscross over the glass face, giving glass pieces more of a design characteristic.

To offer strength to the glass element in large window installations, extra frame elements are used. Applied Glazing Bars are a cost-efficient solution for steel systems, while still retaining thermal efficiency values and enabling more flexibility in glazing bar designs.

Colour and finishes

Steel is unlike any other building material in terms of flexibility. Steel can have a variety of colours and finishes and can be utilized in a variety of operational big glass apertures. Steel windows and doors can complement any architectural form, from modern to classic, artisan to colonial, Victorian, Gothic, and anything in between. Steel windows are frequently manufactured to order, allowing more choice in terms of style and size.

Price of steel windows

A construction material that is visually attractive, long-lasting, robust, resilient, and energy-efficient comes at a price. Steel is not an inexpensive resource for a project, but it has a very low long-term cost of ownership. Steel windows are durable and may last for decades.

Steel windows have inbuilt performance and durability, resulting in a system that exceeds any other window product on the market. Steel’s minimal maintenance costs, endurance, and strength make it an appealing option in terms of the total cost of ownership.

Steel- The Right Choice

Steel windows have been ruling the industry for a variety of reasons. These are the go-to options for most architects. For some, energy efficiency and thermal efficiency are the deciding factors. Others are driven by a desire for unrivalled strength and long-term durability. Steel’s exquisite elegance and flexibility appeal to many people. Steel windows will continue to be one of the most commonly used designs and functional elements in the world, and the architect’s first option for world-class windows, whatever the reason for choice may be.


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