What to Consider When Buying an Exterior Steel French Door for Your Home?




French doors instantly add charm to your homes. They are classic and timeless. Architects, builders and designers around the world agree unanimously on the positives that a French door can lend to your homes. Besides its aesthetic appeal, French doors are practical solutions to bring in natural light and air. They are extremely versatile. Whether you are using it as an exterior entrance for patios, porches or balconies or as an access to interior spaces; it can make any entrance special.They simply provide the best view. Swing open the doors and enjoy the unobstructed view that only french doors can provide.

Steel French doors are the contemporary favourite of this traditional concept. They are engineered to give you design flexibility and can be customised to suit your needs and decor. Be it traditional or modern, rustic or urban. They are reliable and durable. With narrow sightlines that only steel can offer, they are a beautiful addition to your homes. They are sophisticated, extremely pleasing and make a great impression.

Things to consider before buying steel front door

Exterior French doors are also called patio doors or double casement doors. And there are different types based on the structure of the double casement doors and the materials it employs like inswing, outswing, sliding, etc.  Here are some factors to consider before you choose your perfect Exterior French door.

  • Frame design
  • Thermal performance and glass feature
  • Threshold
  • Colour
  • Security
  • Accessories

Frame design 

By choosing a steel double casement door, you choose the best in aesthetics and performance. They can withstand extreme weather conditions. They are strong and long-lasting. They are many options to choose from depending on the

Flush Frame: Basically it is just a completely smooth door with no overlap, as in the door sits ‘flush’ in the frame. It is simple in design, but sober and sophisticated to look at. However, it is expensive to produce and install.

Stepped Frame: This type of frame has all the visual benefits of a flush frame but the stepped design of the frame makes it stronger and storm-proof. It is easy to install and is the most economical choice.

Slimline Frame: This door system is very stylish with sliding doors that glide open along a track. It is a very stylish choice and hence, it is quite expensive. A major drawback is that the opening width is limited to how far the panel can slide.

Thermal performance and glass feature

Over the years the performance of steel French doors have improved with superior glazing and insulation techniques. They are also available in thermally broken designs which solves the problem of thermal conductivity. This thermal barrier keeps the heat and cold from travelling through the frame, making steel French doors energy efficient and as a result economical.

The U-value is the measure of insulation capacity of glass. The lower the value the better the performance. Which is why choosing a double glass feature will help you keep the house cooler when it’s hot outside and warm when it’s cold. This results in saving power to the maximum. And it also provides excellent insulation against noise and pollution. Also they are waterproof and weather resistant.

Threshold types for a steel french door

The part of the door that separates the inside from the outside is the threshold. And it is a very critical factor in energy efficiency and weatherproofing. So while choosing it is best to keep in mind the decor, your surroundings and the weather condition.

Full-frame Threshold: As the name suggests, it is framed on all four sides, which means you will have to step over while crossing the threshold. It is completely sealed and weathertight.

Flush Threshold: There is nothing to step over in a flush threshold, as the interior and exterior are on the same level. The absence of the step that acts as a barrier is compensated with a drainage facility.

Weathered Threshold: Also known as rebated threshold it is slightly higher than the flush threshold, with a lip protruding. It acts as a barrier that protects the inside from external elements, like dust and water from seeping in.

Specifying security level for steel french door

Steel is the most secure option for exterior French doors. And combined with toughened, impact-resistant glasses, multipoint locking systems, solid hinges and deadbolts, they can offer complete security. These steel French doors are produced in compliance with PAS24 and SBD (Secure By Design).

Colour options for steel doors  

Steel French doors come in various finishes and colours. Powder coating is a popular choice and there is a wide selection of colours to choose from.

Now you can even combine or contrast colours as many companies are offering Patio doors with dual colours.

Accessories of steel french doors

Elevate the beauty and performance of your French door by carefully choosing accessories. There are a multitude of design avenues to choose from ornate to sober handles or modern to antique handles, etc. Invest wisely in high functionality hinges, deadbolts and locking mechanisms.


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